Writers Block…

canstock2918564Ok. I admit. I have been slacking a bit on my blog writing lately and I would like to attribute this to a severe case of writers block. So in order to punish myself I am going to do a bit of self condemnation they say its the worst  punishment.

So I am a fairly grown young adult who was… well… ALMOST born into the new South Africa. I have been in school for as long as the stars has been in the sky…well…over sixteen years now , FIVE of those in tertiary. I live in South Africa  ,a country rich and overflowing in history with an even more interesting present. Yet here I sit ,without a single idea on what  to write on my blog.

I live in a country infested with crime ,corruption ,police brutality ,greed ,inequality and poverty and yet I have nothing to write.

The other day a couple of our soldiers were brutally murdered in a war in Bangui ,a taxi driver was dragged to death by police officials, the Department of health has reduced the number of HIV treatment pills from six  to ONE ,and to bring this closer to home, one of OUR  medical students was raped and brutally murdered in her res not so long ago and i STILL have nothing to write about.

I live in the in the times of the lost generation where the youth of today do and say  the most hedious things and land themselves in the most stickiest of situations ,but no not a single word from me.

I think I’m rather suffering from a case of information overload rather than writers block. Maybe its a matter of not knowing where to start. Either way, I shall press on and put pen to paper until overloadhopefully I get hit by a  Shakespeare shock wave where “thee words shall floweth from mine mouth like a river and…OK. Let me stop.


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